VFW Action Alert: Improve, Don’t Dismantle the VA Health Care System


Background: Politicians, pundits and politically-motivated organizations are using the national crisis in access to care at the Department of Veterans Affairs as justification to dismantle and privatize the VA health care system, with some even proposing that veterans be charged for their service-connected care. The VFW says no!

Veterans must not stand idle as politicians who never served or use the VA health care system dictate when and where veterans can receive care.
For almost 117 years, the VFW has worked tirelessly to identify issues veterans face when accessing their earned benefits, and has worked with Congress to ensure a grateful nation fulfills her obligation to those who sacrificed to defend her. In the past two years alone, the VFW has collected direct feedback from more than 20,000 veterans regarding the their experiences receiving VA and private sector health care. Their message is clear: “Improve, don’t dismantle the VA health care system.”

Take Action: Contact your Members of Congress and let them know that VA health care reform must be based on the needs and preferences of veterans, not political rhetoric.